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Virtual Receptionist

With our virtual assistant program a live agent will answer all your calls 24/7/365. We essentially take the form of your personal in house secretary. We take all messages, appropriately deal with urgent calls, capable of call transfers, call screening, troubleshooting, make appointments, appointment confirmation and voicemail services. The idea behind the Virtual Assistant program is you receive all the benefits of an in house receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Overflow Services

This program caters to larger companies looking for an overflow back up. When your hold time begin to increase unexpectedly due to an increase in call volume, callers on hold are transferred to us where their information can be taken so their call can be returned.

  1. Works great for cable companies

  2. No customers on hold for extended periods

  3. Happier customers equals better business

  4. Good for VIP clients areas

  5. No more angry customers on hold during outages

Office Assistant

Our office assistant program is designed to be a back up to your current office staff, not replace them. At any time call volume can increase to a point where it becomes too much for your staff to handle. The calls are set up so after a set number of rings (4 or 5 usually) the call becomes available to our agents who can then answer the call. With this method no calls are dropped and calls are not on hold for a long period of time.

Voice Mail Services

We offer three different packages for those looking for different voicemail options.

  1. 1. Bulletin Board Voicemail

  2. This package works best for companies with multiple departments or employee offices.

  3. It gives the callers the option to choose from multiple voicemail boxes

  4. 2. Stand Alone Voicemail

  5. A more basic voicemail package.

  6. Callers will reach a voicemail box with a message of your choosing.

  7. Messages can be delivered as a media file via email or urgent message marking.

  8. 3. Voicemail/ Live Operator Combination

  9. The perfect mix of voicemail and live operator

  10. All of your calls are routed through your voicemail

  11. Callers have the option to choose from multiple voicemail boxes you set up

  12. If the caller would like to speak to an operator they are told to press zero

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