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Call Us: (800) 359-0999

What area’s does AB Universal Messaging Cover?

  1. AB Universal Messaging is able to answer nationwide thanks to our advanced telecommunication equipment.

How quickly can I get started?

  1. Once you get in contact with us and let us know what you are looking for in an answering service we can have your  account active in a couple hours.

If I have any questions when can I reach someone on the customer service team?

  1. You can reach someone on our Customer Service Team Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM CST.

What type of backup systems do you have in place?

  1. We have multiple locations around country that allows redundancy in case of local issues.

  2. Our electrical has 4-6 hours of battery back up as well as a commercial grade diesel generator.

  3. Our phones are equipped with an automatic transfer switch which instantly transfers a down line to a working one. We are also provide back up call forwarding numbers.

  4. Our internet is fed through multiple providers adding increased redundancy.

When will I receive my messages?

  1. Our service is designed to center around your business needs. You decide when you would like your messages sent. They can either be delivered upon request, at scheduled times, or immediately after it was taken.

Is there a way to get reports to view my usage?

  1. Usage reports are available upon request.

How do I schedule my On-Call?

  1. Your on call information can be delivered to us in 4 different ways.

  2. You can fax it over (732) 455-5001

  3. You can email it office@abuniversalmessaging.com

  4. You can call it in to one of our agents (800) 395-0999

  5. You can update your own On-Call online via WebAccess. You can call an agent today to get your online access  activated

Are any of your calls internationally outsourced?

  1. No, all calls are handled through our main office in New Jersey.

Are You HIPAA compliant?

  1. Yes, we are committed to making sure to provide client confidentiality and meeting all of HIPAA’s privacy standards.

Are You HIPPA Compliant?

What Kind of Backup Systems Do You Have in Place?

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