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In 1940, our family started working with telephones and then moved to answering services in the 1960’s. As a family company we are always working together to better our services that we are able to provide to our clients. Together we have over 50 years of experience and dedication to our customers. We want you to feel like part of our family. Any questions, comments, or concerns voiced by our team members and clients is always appreciated.

Debbie Bibber

Christopher Bibber

Debbie Bibber is a graduate of Fordham University and has been working in the answering service industry for over 41 years. She managed an answering service for 35 years than decided she wanted to run her own. She was able to reach her goals with AB Universal Messaging. She created a great service for her customers and a wonderful work atmosphere and experience for her employees. The world of technology is ever moving and that is why it is so important to be a part of different telephone answering associations. Its a great way to share ideas and learn about how the industry is evolving. Debbie has been an active board member on ATSI, ASTAA, WSTA and TUNe. She is the past president for the equipment user group TUNe and the VP and trustee of ATSI’s educational fund.

Chris Bibber has been working in the answering service industry for over 15 years. He has a vast knowledge of telecommunication equipment and is responsible for making sure every thing runs and operates smoothly at AB Universal Messaging. He is the link between the agents and all of the telecommunication equipment. He makes sure he is always able to be reached by our employees and clients at all times to help with any issues that may arise.  Chris is always sure to make our employees and clients feel like part of our family here at AB Universal Messaging.

The Beginning

Our Companies Involvement in Telecommunication Associations

We are strong believers in providing the best possible service to our clients. One major way this is facilitated is through sharing ideas and strategies with other companies in the answering service industry. Being part of a community that is willing to work together to make their industry become as proficient as possible is a great thing. Below you can view the pages of the associations that create the foundation for the communities we belong to.

Success Through a Family Partnership

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